All puppies from this litter sold.  As of August 23, 2011 page of available puppies born July 26, 2011

This page will be updated with "reserved" assigned to taken puppy

As puppies grow; collars may or will have to change too - puppy owners will be notified if this is needed.

(***KODA- red/rust males BECOMING AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 3rd***)

#1, #2 blue collars - females - RED/RUST (may be AKC standard size or larger, under 100 lbs fully grown)

SOLD-- puppy pictures were taken August 22nd


#2 "reserved" -female

SOLD -- males (1 with smooth red collar and 1 with red woven collar):


Red smooth - may be standard size AKC (under 100 lbs fully grown)

Red Woven - (may be be AKC standard or slightly bigger - could be near 100 lbs fully grown) His collar color is now "blue"

"RESERVED"   Teal brown collar - black rust male - (pick of litter - will be most likely large size - over 100 lbs when fully grown)

Photos below is both reserved puppies and the whole litter:

pictures taken August 22nd

Picture taken August 22nd

Picture taken August 21st

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