Coco_Nixon Maarch 27, 2016

D litter


A "D" litter with Coco and Nixon (dam/sire) born March 27, 2016 


{We are sorry to say as we were expecting this litter to be more than 10 puppies.  As it was Coco was having a long delay after the 7th puppy born and she was rushed to urgent care vet hospital to have a C section to save the remaining 3 puppies.  So, in all she had 5 boys and 5 girls.  As of Tuesday March 29, 2016 something so tragic was occurring to the litter, 24 hours after the c-section.  Within 4 hours 7 puppies were lost, and the loss of 2 more.   The last puppy (Dakota) as of March 31, 2016 is doing well.  We don't know exactly why such a huge loss of this litter but attribute it the C-section surgery of too many drugs used for Coco during and after the surgery for a nursing dam.  This has been a very traumatic time for our household.} 


This mating pair is fantastic with well over 5 generations of Championship titles in Coco and Nixon's pedigree heritage.  Titles such as ZTP, IPO's, BH and more.  An ultrasound done to confirm pregnancy and Feb. 29th expected estimate 11-13 from ultrasound for puppies and an on x-rays late March 22nd estimated 10 plus..


Please check back as news on this litter will be updated weekly during their 8 -10 weeks growing phase before they go to their new homes. 


Please note: If you are interested in being on a waiting list, please email and request to be notified Spring 2017, the puppies will be similar to the 2015 litter, but maybe different coat colors and sex/size of litter.


This page will be updated weekly with more information and pictures of parents and puppies  ----- 






                               Kimbertal's Coco Chanell od Telepa                                                                        Nixon di Altobello


vwd - clear, DNA DCM - negative, OFA - good, Thyroid - normal            vwd - clear, DNA DCM - negative, Thyroid  - normal, OFA FCI - C

               DNA - DM/clear, PennHip - no dysplasia                                                   PennHip competed, DNA DM - Normal/clear  Echo - Normal 2015

      Coco's sire/dam: Pierce Patrick od Telepa/Kimbertal Bella of Newark         Nixon's sire/dam: Maxim di Altobello/Luna di Altobello (Altobello Kennels)









Feburary 29, 2016 Ultrasound image:



x-ray taken March 22, 2016



Litter of 10 puppies - born March 27, 2016 - Easter Sunday


The litter - we lost 9 in 24 -72 hours..... Please if you have c-section make sure your vet only does the smallest amount of drugs used to the dam.



The remaining 2 - red/rust boy,and black/mahogany girl  pictured with Coco while at vet for tail and dew claws procedure.



Week 1

Red/Rust boy - unavailable


Week 1

Black/Mahogany female pending reserved (southern CA)


April 4, 2016 week




12 - 14 days old




3 weeks old pictures below



short clip - she moves a lot...  Plays with Apple Quick Time player


4 weeks old - April 24, 2016





 Clip plays with Appe Quick Time Player


Week 5 @ 5 weeks old pictures





6 Weeks old May 8th pictures






Week 7 pictures -





8 weeks old and now to her new mommy parent - Dakota (now Luna) will be missed... 


Heading to the vet for medium long ear crop May 19th




Coco and Dakota - last play time for the ears must stay clean until standing ... Luna is now home in Loma Linda, Ca. 





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