Gabi_Mister 2022 puppy litter page


info and pics coming soon but you can view prior 2020 litter page for info


All pups are reserved



Puppies were born mostly March 26-27th. AKC litter date is March 26, 2022.  Gabi was due to have 8 puppies.  1 puppy took over 5 hours to arrive. Oxytocin was approved via my vet for Gabi since labor was delayed several hours. Just before the shot, pup #6 was stillborn.  Pup #7 and 8 arrived within minutes after the shot thriving.   The surviving 7 pups were doing good even after the first vet appointment for health check, tail dock, and dew claws removed.   April 2nd, after several days of supplementing the littlest boy, he went to heaven just before I was taking him to the vet hoping he could live, but he faded out.   Neonate is critical stage for Dobermans.  It is a very tender time that anything can happen such as fading pup syndrome.   I try my best to not have any but it can happen.  It hurts to lose a pup.   And since, the remaining 6 puppies (3 girls and 3 boys) are continuing to grow each day now.   Eyes are opening since the week of April 4th.    All puppy information will be on the page until they reach 8 weeks of age and are in their new homes.   


I will be taking reservations near the weekend of April 15th.   Those who were waiting will be first and thereafter, open to others.   A deposit of $450.00 is required to reserve your pup.  The deposit is refundable only up until the pups are 6 weeks of age.  After that it is forfieted/non refundable.

Deposit can be either cash, paypal (via friends/family only mode) otherwise a 3% fee will be added to the deposit fee.  Sorry paypal charges a fee otherwise.     Deposit is deducted from price of pup, $2380.00.  If ears are not crop the price is $1980.00.  It is my goal for all puppies to have cropped ears for various reasons and by my vet.  Puppies will be paid in full CASH only upon delivery.    No exceptions.   


Puppies will come with tail docked. (a fyi - vet does my tail docking, and should they look like eraser head like, it is not the vet's fault.  It is momma constantly licking puppies behind cleaning them and stitches can come off from this.)  Puppies will be vet checked again at age 6 weeks, and have 1st vaccination shot, worming meds started, and microchipped.   At 7 1/2 weeks of age those pups that are having ears cropped will be scheduled at this time. Pup family should provide a picture of crop style preferred.   Ears must stay posted until standing.  There is no excuse not following instructions or directions from me or my vet with cropped surgery/posting.    Once puppies are placed in their new homes, the families should have names for their puppies so I can enter this information with AKC to register all the puppies - no exceptions.   It is a price you pay.  You can put this certificate in a safe place knowing you have a purebred Doberman Pinscher pup, and is registered with AKC.   All puppies will be 'limited AKC' registration.  A limited health contract will be with each pup. My goal is bring healthy puppies to a family to enjoy as long as providing loving, caring environment as each pup grows.   Please know the breed, and any inherint health risks this breed like any other breed has. 


Week #1 March 26th - April 3rd - Neonate stage - momma and puppies are being tended to almost 24 hours a day.  Nails trimmed.


Week #2 April 4th - April 10th - Near end point for neonate time, nails trimmed velcro collars changed to xs snap on collars.  Puppie starting to open eyes


Week #3 - April 11th - April 17th Eyes are mostly open, nails will be dremel trimmed, (easier at this stage), puppies are moving around and starting to play with each other.  This weekend will take those reservations from waiting list, and thereafter if no response open first come first serve.  Finishing out the week, puppies nails done, eyes are open, they can see, they are playing with each other, making puppy cooing talk, starting to play with one another, they pay attention to different noises, and teeth may be breaking thru. Human momma is enjoying this stage with puppies. 


Week #4 - April 18th - May 1st -- A lot has been keeping me busy to post updates weekly. Puppies were moved from whelping box to bigger kennel den.   They have their teeth, still with momma (Gabi), and are socializing more and more.   I have introduced warm goat's milk and puppy formula for several days.   It took a few to get but they did once they say each other loping it up.  Last week of April I have introduced 1 feeding a day to start weaning process.  They get roughly now 2 cups of soaked special kibbles, some shredded chicken breast meat, and my Honest Kitchen mixture.  They gobble it up.  Week 6 I will be weaning them more and letting Gabi have more me time.   Human momma enjoys raising these pups trememdously.   All puppies are reserved, except my littlest one, but he is catching up now but I am still holding him back so he can grow more.  He is a hoot though.  Happy little boy - Ebo. All Gabi's pups are growing every day it seems. 




















Red with paws collar - Elsa (RESERED- (RENO)






Pink collar - Elka (Reserved  - Reno)







Red collar - Elga (RESERVED - Fallon)










Orange collar boy now is blue w/paws collar ( ELKIN (Hudson)- RESERVED - (Gardnerville)






Teal collar boy - on hold by breeder (Ebo)









Blue collar boy ( RESERVED - Egor (Reno)