Malda de la Katrina March 4, 2016 litter page

a curteousy page of Nixon's contribution to this litter


Nixon di Altobello and Molly were mated January 2016. Molly's litter was born via C section March 4, 2016.  Molly delivered 12 puppies - 7 boys and 5 girls of which 7 puppies are black and mahogany coat color, and 5 (3 males and 2 females) are red/rust coat colors.


Molly and Nixon have been health tested and this is a safe and outstanding mating pair that is all European pedigree papered championship heritage lines.   For more information on puppies, please contact Molly's human family for updated information and pricing of puppies. Please contact Jesus or Alfred below number and email for available puppies.


Jesus Granados (661)331-5158.  Puppies are located in Bakersfield, CA.  Email - or


SOLD OUT ---  As of April 17th, all puppies are reserved from this litter.  Please call the number for updates on available puppies.



Malda di la Katrina (Molly) <<<>>> Nixon di Altobello






MARCH 4, 2016






Pictures taken today below are available puppies --- as of March 14, 2016 there are 7 puppies available - 2 Females (1 red/rust and 1 black rust), 5 male puppies (2 red/rust and 3 black/rust)


Week 2 - eyes are opening up


Red/Rust female --- Yellow collar -reserved




Black/rust female------reserved....




Red/Rust male ---  Blue color collar boy - reserved....



Black/rust male -- Off white collar color - reserved



Black/rust male  -- Burnt Orange color collar - reserved ---




Red/rust male ----  black color collar - reserved



Black/rust male  ---Reserved ---  Red collar