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Xena's background of her parents is dam Bella is black and rust.  Sire Buddy is red/rust.   Xena's comes from good champion and show quality heritage.(grand sire European Champion-Wiking Di Perlanera)   She  has excellent European heritage and USA background pedigrees. Xena has great prey drive, highly intelligent, great       temperament, is very loyal and a lover, plus an outstanding family pet who loves the water. Xena is AKC & meets AKC breed standards. Xena passed her Canine Good Citizenship test .  Xena is retired from motherhood 2012. dob 5/13/2006

Health: Xena's x-rays on hips and elbows rated OFA: Excellent, DNA Vwd: carrier, DNA DCM: pos1 hetro, thyroid normal. Xena completed 2 Echo cardio she developed heart murmur age 8 1/2 and news is good from Echo 2015/2017 - no changes.  In June 2015 - developed 'bloat' symptoms, rushed to hospital where she recovered, 100% normal, no damage to internal organs or tissues. Again, bloat symptoms Jan. 2016, and recieved surgery, prognosis/excellent. Xena has been in has been in excellent health with her last full medical exam Dec. 6, 2017.  On Monday December 11, 2017 around 3 or 4pm, Xena was unresponsive and passed away suddenly.  She was 11 years and 7 months of age.  She lived a full life and was my cherrished Dobeman I could ever ask for.  She is gone now and greatly missed as I publish this page. 













December 2017


You will always be miss Xena...