A partial sample of our puppy contract (updated 2019):

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Buyer Agreement



1.  Buyer initials _____.  Buyer agrees to provide loving, caring home and proper veterinarian care at all times. Please do not leave your Doberman Pinscher outside for extended, unsupervised period of time - Nor chained or tethered.


2.  Buyer initials _____.  Buyer agrees to provide adequate exercise and obedience training for puppy within earliest time to socialize after vaccinations. Please train with professional and reputable dog trainers to maximize obedience while growing.


3.  Buyer initials _____.  There after basic obedience is a MUST:

a. Crate puppy when not directly supervised

b. Basic heeling without pulling on leash. Puppy shall be on/off leash in control at all times of puppy owner/family

c. Proper socialization and interaction with others to include, children, adults, other animals etc..

d. Continue with training classes at buyer’s cost and choice with at lease 2 levels of basic obedience classes


4.  Buyer initials _____.   Buyer agrees to tape and post puppy’s ears as directed and to call with questions.   If puppy’s ears do not stand because of buyer’s neglect of taping, then the guarantee is void.  If puppy’s ears do not stand because of buyer’s neglect of taping, the guarantee is void.   Ears cropping requires consistent care and attention during healing process.   Neglect is inexcusable.  


5.  Buyer initials _____.  Puppy will be released at 8 weeks of age, unless stated.


6.  Buyer initials _____.  Puppy is to be taken to veterinarian, for physical exam, within 48 hours of receiving puppy.    (contract is void if not compliant)


7.  Buyer initials _____.  Puppy price includes: AKC registration application, microchip, tail docked, dewclaws removed, 1st vaccination shots and de-worming current, and health guarantee (below). (If buyer opts not to have ear cropped, contract is limited. If buyer takes puppy to their own vet specialist, contract is limited.) (Limited Registration requires spay or neutering, there is no breeding rights and AKC show competition. Breeder and buyer can opt to revoke ‘limited’ AKC registration status to “full” AKC approvel only. Requires $250.00 fees to upgrade (AKC fee included)breeder must be notified and done within the 2 years of birthday otherwise is voided.




9.  Buyer initials _____.  Puppy will be released to “buyer” on agreed upon date by “buyer” and Conklin Dobermans.  If release date is delayed by “buyer” then “buyer” may be charged additional fees to be determined by us.   Please plan for puppy pickup or shipment on Saturday or agreed upon date.


10Buyer initials _____Should there be any decision regarding medical care and affordability is questioned to continue or not caring puppy needs to survive, please consider releasing the pup to the breeder at no cost nor medical reimbursement before any life/death measures taken on the puppy. Breeder should be notified as soon as possible. There will be no replacement of puppy. 



Puppy Information

Date of Birth:  ______________

Date of Release:  ___________

Sex:   ____M, ____F

Color:  ___Black,   ___Red

Ribbon/Collar Color: ___

Puppy Name: 

Shipping (TBD Option):  ______delivery fees:  _______ to be determined if requested.

Buyer Information

Name: ___________

Address: __________

City, State, Zip: ____________

Phone:  _____________________

Phone:  __________________________

Email:  ________________________


Health Guarantee



If your Conklin Doberman dies from Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo or Leptospirosis before twelve (12) months of age, notify us immediately, return the AKC registration papers along with a written veterinary statement, stating the nature of demise and necropsy verification.  We will replace the dog with another puppy at no charge (buyer to prepay freight).   (all vaccinations must have been completed as required by veterinarian. IF not, this section is void in guarantee.) There is no medical reimbursement from Conklin Dobermans. We do not agree giving the Lepto vaccine; and combining different vaccinations such as Parvo/Distemper w/Lepto on the same day including rabies.  Must do them on separate days.



If your Doberman Pinscher puppy develops a congenital condition that dates from the prenatal or fetus stages before twelve (12) months of age, notify us immediately and provide written veterinary verification from two (2) different veterinarians stating the defect or condition.  Congenital is a malformation of the body during fetal development.  If death occurs, necropsy verification is required.   If no death occurs, you may keep the dog, but you must return the AKC papers, and a certificate of sterilization.   We will replace the dog with another puppy at no charge (buyer to prepay freight).   (lack of professional veterinarian care and or detection voids this guarantee) Please know the Doberman breed health risks.  DCM is a risk Dobermans have.  Please read the risk on DCM, cancer, and other health risks with the Doberman breed.  No breeder can guarantee their Dobermans does not have it.  They're either recessive or dominate genes and there is no cure but if caught early stages via Echo/holter monitoring medications can prolong longevity and quality of life. This guarantee is not covered.  Cryptorchidism is not covered and neutering is required at an appropriate age and preferred 1- 2 yrs of age.



The hips are guaranteed at the age of twelve (12) months, unless an injury or lack of proper nutrition has caused poor joint health.   The puppy must continue with an excellent diet as a condition of this guarantee.   If found to be crippled by hip dysplasia, notify us immediately and provide written verification and x-rays from two (2) different veterinarians stating the defect and condition.   You may keep the dog, but you must return the AKC papers, and a certificate of sterilization.   We will replace the dog with another puppy at no charge (buyer to prepay freight). (this guarantee is void if buyer fails to properly provide nutritional health care during the puppy growth stages, and providing poor living conditions including abuse such as hitting, kicking over work conditions in obedience.)    







These guarantees apply to the original dog only and are non-transferable.  Should the dog be in need of immediate veterinary treatment of a covered illness, we must be notified at once, and all possible humane measures to treat the dog be attempted or no replacement will be given.  Monthly heartworm prevention/intestinal de-wormer must be continued or guarantee is void.  Follow-up routine vaccinations must be given at 9, 12 and 15 weeks of age and be administered by a licensed veterinarian throughout the full health guarantee period or guarantee is void.   “Proof” must be available from a licensed veterinarian.   Replacements may take up to one (1) year.   Returned dogs must be shipped prepaid by buyer if applicable.  No cash refunds, unless we choose this option.   Owners are responsible for transportation costs to and from our location for return of the original puppy and shipment of the replacement puppy as well. 


Our sincere hope is that you and your dog experience a happy, long lasting bond.   We would also appreciate periodic updates and photos of your Doberman.  


Remember, Doberman Pinschers are like "Velcro" a lifetime commitment. We will provide you with long lasting support and respond to questions and concerns regarding your puppy.   We hope that you will never have a need to dispose of your Doberman, or surrender it to the animal shelter, or can't provide the love for this breed.  PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP SHOULD YOU NOT BE ABLE TO CARE FOR YOUR PUPPY PURCHASED FROM USWe will gladly take your Doberman and find a life long home adoption for your dog.  There is neither a fee nor a refund in purchase price because of adoption expense and caring fees. Please bring all papers when surrendering and veterinarian health care information.


Buyer’s Signature:  ___________________________________   


Date : ______________



Conklin’s Signature :



Date : ______



LIMITATIONS OF GUARANTEES - All guarantees apply to the original puppy and original owner only and are non-transferable. The puppy must be in good physical condition and ears must be
.  No replacement will be given for males or females that have been bred, neutered or spayed, or if registration application form has expired.  All Puppies or adult dogs must be returned to us at owner’s expense.   It is very important that all our puppies sold are not trained to be aggressive in any way of original puppy owner sold to, or neglect the purity of the Doberman Pinscher breed standards.  Should we hear of such abuse, we will seek authority and repossess the puppy and buyer forfeits any and all money incurred, contract void.  We strive to upkeep the Doberman Pinscher breed standards described within AKC, and DPCA.  This contract maybe updated.



Should you agree with these terms and conditions and want to purchase an available puppy, please proceed to the paypal with seller's instructions.